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August 5, 2011  |  

Friday Links #164


Consuming a Json WebService from a C# Application – CodeProject
C#er : IMage: Reflection, Lambda, and Expression Magic
.LESS – dynamic stylesheets for .NET Developer | Code-Inside Blog International
Ajax Control Toolkit July 2011 Release and the New HTML Editor Extender
MSDN Magazine: August 2011
Collapse All Add-in for all Visual Studio Projects – CodeProject
Traveling wavefronts shader demo | CreativeJS
ES6 Lives! - http://www.aminutewithbrendan.com
Chromium Blog: Connecting Web Apps with Web Intents


A preview version of Adobe Edge was released today. | Trademark Productions Blog
Translate any text in any program instantly with Transmiti

Science and Technology

Tiny Battery Embedded In a Nanowire Is the Smallest Battery Yet
Earth may once have had two moons
Markings Point to the Existence of Liquid Water on the Martian Surface Today
New Breed of Micro-Motor Will Power Your Next Wristwatch With Great Efficiency

On the Web

Watch-Documentaries | Watch Free Online Documentaries

Stuff I Just Like

Writing Tools
Massachusetts Lottery Broken
Restoring Bletchley Park, birthplace of modern computing
Boeing Workers Will Fly to ISS Aboard Their Company's New Spaceship

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