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May 6, 2011  |  

Friday Links #151


ASP.NET GZip Encoding Caveats - Rick Strahl's Web Log
Custom Scrollbars in WebKit | CSS-Tricks
JavaScript Strict Mode | JavaScript, JavaScript
jQuery: » jQuery 1.6 Released
Tiggr: A Tool for Building Interactive Html Prototypes - UX Movement
Coming In Mango–ICommand | Jesse Liberty
New WinDBG extension for debugging .NET 4.0 applications - Tips and tricks: ASP.NET, IIS and .NET development
Download the "Climbing Mt. PowerShell" Comic Book! - Visual Content - Visual Content


Reader Plus Is a Chrome Extension that Adds Missing Features to Google Reader
iPrint: prints two or four pages on a single sheet of paper, excludes pages you don’t want, saves the planet
The 8 Most Useful DOS Commands That You Should Memorize

Science and Technology

Record-Breaking New Fiber Optic Cables Transmit 100 Terabits Per Second | Popular Science
Intel will mass produce 3D transistors for all future CPUs, starting with 22nm Ivy Bridge (video) -- Engadget

On the Web

Craiggers Is the Craigslist Interface You've Been Waiting For
Radial: An iOS App To Ease & Speed Up Typing On The iPad
The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Stuff I Just Like

Diesel Airplane Design Aims For Maximum Efficiency | Autopia
Video: Tiny Buzzing Quadcopter Is Basically Just a Flying Computer Chip | Popular Science

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