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April 1, 2011  |  

Friday Links #146


Announcing Typo.js: Client-side JavaScript Spellchecking
A first look at the upcoming JavaScript modules | Web Builder Zone
NuGet 1.2 Released
C#er : IMage: Announcing Jounce 1.0 RTM - It's here!
Why I Still L.O.V.E. ASP.NET WebForms - John Katsiotis
Enabling dynamic compression for WCF Data Feeds, OData and other custom services in IIS7 - Scott Hanselman


View Thru - Google Chrome extension gallery
Kindlefish Brings Google Translation to the Kindle
SplashTop – A Free Operating System For Quick Internet Browsing
RockMelt: The Ultimate Social Media Browser Enters Public Beta

Science and Technology

MIT Lab Creates the World's First Feasible 'Artificial Leaf' | Popular Science

On the Web

Which DNS Server Should You Use On Your Computer?
Amazon Cloud Drive Stores 5 GB of Your Stuff Online and Streams Your Music Back to You
HTTP Archive

Stuff I Just Like

Video: New Movie Reenacts Scenes From the First Human Spaceflight | Popular Science
Chevrolet Mi-Ray Is a ‘Future’ We Can Embrace | Autopia | Wired.com

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