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December 31, 2010  |  

Friday Links #133


rwldrn/CamanJS – GitHub
Visual Studio LightSwitch – New .NET Development Paradigm - Architecture & Stuff
Jef Claes: Format JavaScript with the IE9 developer tools
Namespacing in JavaScript | JavaScript, JavaScript
My Favorite JavaScript Design Pattern
jQuery: » jQuery Community Updates For December 2010
Crafty - JavaScript Game Engine


Tick! Is a Super Simple Timer App for Android Phones
Divvy Splits Up and Organizes Windows on Windows and Mac Desktops
How To Make All Your PC Times Match With An Atomic Clock Sync [Windows]

Science and Technology

Super Memory Breakthrough: Store Every Movie Made This Year on Your Phone

On the Web


Stuff I Just Like

Scott Hanselman - Video Review: Eye-Fi Wi-Fi SD Card for Digital Cameras and Your Life's Workflow

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