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December 18, 2009  |  

Friday Links #81


Hidden Gem from PDC Videos
Jeff Prosise's Blog : Silverlight 4's New COM Automation Support
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit - ScottGu's Blog
Live Preview jQuery Plugin
Jeff Prosise's Blog : Silverlight's Big Image Problem (and What You Can Do About It)
My Technobabble : CodePaste is the bee’s knees, my new favorite way to share code


Immunet's free cloud antivirus for Windows steadily gaining users
T3Desk is a slick, 3D window manager with Aero Peek support

Science and the Environment

First known binary star is discovered to be a triplet, quadruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet system

On the Web

Google Demonstrates Quantum Algorithm Promising Superfast Search | Popular Science
Five Technologies That Will Keep Shaping the Web in 2010
Top 10 Resources For Computer Troubleshooting Advice & Remote Help 

Interesting Odds and Ends

World's Smallest Ultrasound Device Fits In Doc's Coat Pocket | Popular Science

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