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September 25, 2009  |  

Friday Links #69

Programming Computers

MetaSpring Blog | MetaMonday: Ruby Quines
Web 2.0 ASP.NET: ReSharper Discount and Extended Trial
AspectF fluent way to put Aspects into your code for separation of concern
Jeff Wilcox – Adding ToArgb() to the Silverlight Color class
RubyMine 2.0 Beta :: New Features (http://www.jetbrains.com/

Using your Personal Computer

Google Code Blog: Introducing Google Chrome Frame  
Google Wave Team Gives Up on Internet Explorer | Smarterware
Fresh From Skunkworks, Hints of Microsoft's Own Secret Tablet | Popular Science
iRex Announces e-Reader with Barnes & Noble Catalog, Verizon 3G | Popular Science
Intel reveals world’s first four-screen laptop | News | PC Pro
USB Car Adapter Charges Any USB Device On-the-Go - Gadgets – Lifehacker
A Free Utility that Really Does Speed Up Firefox
Video: Phoenix Instant Boot BIOS starts loading Windows in under a second

Science and the Environment

Students build solar home that's no gimmick | Green Tech - CNET News 
New Rabies Vaccine May Require Only A Single Shot... Not 6
MIT creates hybrid chip for faster processors
Boing! Elastic Energy-Storage Systems Could Challenge Li-ion Batteries | Popular Science
For the First Time Ever, an HIV Vaccine Shows Success in Trial | Popular Science
Three Lunar Spacecraft Agree: There's Water On the Moon | Popular Science

On the Web

Seagate claims first 6Gbit/sec, 2TB SATA hard drive  
Pink and Microsoft Tablet (Take 2): A couple of updates | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com
Find Free Video Games at RemainInPlay - Games – Lifehacker
Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking
Official Google Blog: Google climate change tools for COP15
Bit.ly Adds File Hosting - Upload Images, Videos and PDF Documents
Intel's Light Peak: One PC cable to rule them all | Deep Tech - CNET News

Stuff I just Dig

Fungus-Infected Violin Beats Stradivarius in Listening Test | Popular Science
Russian Billionaire Installs Anti-Photo Shield on Giant Yacht | Gadget Lab | Wired.com
Smoke/Laser Microphone Captures "Pure Sound" With No Interference | Popular Science
U.S. Army Plans to Send Giant Spy Blimp to Afghanistan | Popular Science

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