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April 26, 2009  |  

AdSensor – A Windows Sidebar AdSense Gadget (that actually works)

AdSense gadgets are far and few between and the majority of them simply don’t work. I finally found something that did work but it was not to my liking. So after a bit of heavy refactoring I’ve come up with what I feel is a useful AdSense gadget. Like my other gadgets, Simply Weather, Stop Watch and Calculator, AdSensor is simple, functional and compact.

So without further ado, here’s a screenshot of my AdSense Vista Sidebar gadget.


If you’re not familiar with AdSense then it may look a bit confusing so here’s an annotated view.


And that’s mostly it (for now). Once you login, it updates every 15 minutes.

One other thing: The Google AdSense API only reports on AdSense for Content data. AdSense for Search, Feeds and Mobile are not included. The AdSense Web page may report different values than the gadget depending on what AdSense services you’re using.

Vista/Windows 7 only.

As usual, it’s available on the downloads page.

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