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Tweetz Desktop is a desktop version of my twitter gadget tweetz. It has many of a the same features as the gadget. Like the gadget, Tweetz Desktop is designed to sit quietly in the corner of your desktop. The design is minimal, quiet and has almost no window chrome.

One of the best features of Tweetz Desktop (IMHO) is the combined timeline that shows your home timeline, mentions and direct messages in a single view. Mentions and direct messages are shaded to distinguish them. This keeps you current without having to switch views.

In line images further reduce the number of interactions. Just a quick glance is all it takes (there’s an option to not display them also). You can also add images to your tweets.

Have a high resolution display? No problem. Tweetz Desktop is written in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and scales beautifully.

Give it a try and send feedback.

Full disclosure: The installer will “Ask” to install additional programs from advertisers. You can decline to install them and still use Tweetz Desktop. I get a few bucks if you install one. Now you know.

Windows 7 Users: If you see blank-squares on the navigation bar after installing you’ll have to install an update to the Segoe UI Symbol Font. If it says it’s already installed, uninstall and reinstall it.

Update: A number of you have asked about changing the width. I’m working on something. The lack of window chrome (i.e. window borders) makes this bit more challenging

Available on the downloads page.

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