Friday Links #143


Web Farm Framework 2.0 for IIS - Cesar de la Torre
C#/.NET Little Wonders: ConcurrentBag and BlockingCollection
yepnope.js | A Conditional Loader For Your Polyfills!
Adobe Releases Flash to HTML 5 Converter “Wallaby” - International Business Times
You Really Should Be Using NuGet | CodeThinked
Why JavaScript Doesn’t Have Operators Yet?


Firefox 4.0 Release Candidate Quietly Hits FTP Servers, Official Release Arriving Soon
Upgrade To A Smarter Windows Start Menu With Start Menu 7

Science and Technology

[Video: Japan’s New Goateed Geminoid Robot Is Uncomfortably Realistic Popular Science](http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-03/video-goateed-geminoid-robot-guaranteed-freak-you-out)
[New Manufacturing Process Builds A Nylon Bike As Strong As Steel Popular Science](http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-03/3-d-laser-printing-builds-nylon-bike-strong-steel)

On the Web

Speedtest.net Measures Your Bandwidth, Compares Your Speeds with Your Peers
Gmail Labs Introduces Automated Filtering with Smart Labels

Stuff I Just Like

ROI: The $200 Tablet Computer - WSJ.com

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