Desk Drive 1.2 Released

Desk Drive 1.2 introduces two new features. The first feature allows you to hide the tray icon. To get to the settings dialog once the the tray icon is hidden, simply run the program a second time.


The second feature allows you to start Desk Drive automatically when you login to Windows. The source code for this version is also available for download.

Version 1.3 will introduce a new localization mechanism that is much easier to author. Typical localization strategies in .Net involve producing a satellite assembly for every language. This is an effective and efficient method for large programs. For smaller programs like Desk Drive, it’s over kill. Desk Drive’s localization system involves only an XML file and requires no compilation. It’s a customization of the .Net Resource Manager so it leverages the framework while only changing the data source. Look for it in the next week or so.

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